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Do you feel confidently in charge of your own health right now?

Do you feel comfortable in your own skin?

Do you feel like your lifestyle and food choices are in balance?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, You're in the right place.

No matter how much you’ve struggled in the past and how you're struggling now, you can have the fit and energetic body you desire but most importantly, you CAN achieve true health!

Your inner voice might be saying...

I am so tired of yet another diet that does not work, what am I doing wrong?

Why can't I lose this weight that I struggled with my entire life?

I wish I could stop feeling guilty, embarrassed, over whelmed and obsessive over food. I mean, it's just food, right?

No matter what I eat, I always feel bloated, and gassy and icky. I thought what I was eating was good for me?

My internal voice sounded exactly like that, for years. I know what it feels like to have no power over your own wellbeing.

Want less restriction and more Results? 

Welcome to Via Sana Wellness

The Healthy Path to a diet free life with the Power of Plants

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Hey Wellness Warrior! I'm Alessia Donato, founder and CEO of Via Sana Wellness; the healthy path to a diet free life with the power of plants.
I'm a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Transformation Coach; supporting women who struggle with weight and diet issues throughout their lives. I help and support you so you stop spinning the revolving doors of dieting, transform and heal your body and finally achieve food freedom.
My unique, simple and natural approach to health and well-being  focuses on ditching the diet mindset, while breaking through overwhelming conditions and getting to the root cause of what brings stress and imbalance to your life by simply discovering what truly nourishes you from within.
My signature programs and workshops help transform your relationship with food and body; paving a new path for developing a richer, more balanced life where food does not govern your state of mind, body and soul.
I  work with women from all over the world in order to help initiate and develop a loving relationship with their bodies and life. Work with me by clicking here.

You're here because you're done spinning those wheels and ready to take action

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