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Flirt With Vegan Starter Kit


If you've been interested in a plant based diet but have no idea where to start, then the “Flirt with Vegan Starter Kit" is a must have!

This kit is perfect if you are new to a whole food, plant based diet, or you're in transition and need guidance for your new vegan adventure. I will show you easy and simplified steps to adopt a healthy, sustainable and nutritionally balanced diet that doesn't involve munching on kale each day. I promise!

What's In The Kit?

Everything you need to Flirt with a Vegan lifestyle. Go all in, or start slow, your books and guides will show you that eating plant based is not as complicated as it may seem. 

Flirt with Vegan "The Guide"  - how to transition to a plant based diet, and all you need to know to get started including “why plant based”, “the science”, “benefits” “ all about protein” and "transition tips".  (VALUE $19)


Flirt with Vegan "Kitchen essentials" - A complete plant based grocery list and kitchen essentials for a newbie. Stock your kitchen with the right foods using my done for you grocery list, learn to cook vegetables in a way that makes them taste delicious and learn how to include the right macro nutrients to get all the nutrition your body needs. (VALUE $10)


Flirt with Vegan "3 Day Meal Plan" - A 3 day whole food, plant based meal plan that's complete with with easy and delicious, family friendly recipes that are gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free and made with whole plant foods. Feel energized in just 3 days and experience the benefits of plant power! (VALUE $58)


Flirt with Vegan "Smoothies and Juices" - 12 amazing everyday smoothies and juice recipes. Smoothies and juices are a great way to add tons of extra veggies in your diet with minimal effort, but a with a lot of deliciousness! Perfect for busy professionals, or anyone who is always on the go! (VALUE $27)


BONUS FREE BOOK "10 Epic Smoothie Bowls" -  A bonus book for you! Smoothie bowls are all the rage right now and with good reason! Packed with tons of phytonutrients and antioxidants, they are perfect for those that love smoothies, but also like to feel like they are eating something solid! These recipes are so delicious, so satisfying and incredibly beautiful too! Start the day right with these gorgeous bowls and you'll have your cells doing a happy dance! (VALUE $27)

Aline Kern


I did Alessia’s 14 day program and enjoyed the recipes, they are great! As a vegan newbie it gave me loads of ideas for meals even my omni friends loved! Also, being French, it all had an exotic feel to it so very refreshing and exciting. I plan to do it again after the holidays.

Jipsi Lee


I did the 14 day program with Alessia and it went very well, that I decided to carry on with it for another 2 weeks! Its been a learning curve for me as Iv found out what I can and can't eat with this program. Some foods I have discovered give me IBS, but I found that the smoothies and cleansing drinks help a lot with my digestion and don't give me nearly as much bloating and cramps! 

Plus, Ive lost an inch off of my was it and thighs, thanks so much! 

Catherine Jame

Dubai, UAE.

I was 109 kilograms, not exercised a day in my adult life and then I listened to Alessia. She would only eat real foods, she taught me how to cook real foods. I started to exercise with too, doing the likes of insanity, body beast and we would run, hike and do random circuit trainings together. She got me hooked and I still am to this day. I lost over 30 kilograms and I  kept it off. I went from not knowing think about nutrition to being an expert. The quality of of life I have now is 100% better then it was. This is all down to Alessia. I recommend her to everyone I meet. Not just for diet and exercise advice but for general life tips too. She is a fountain of knowledge and thirsty for more. She is extremely inspirational. 

Katie Cranston


I just wanted to say thank you so much for the 7 day healthy habits challenge, recipes and workouts! You really inspired and I can't wait to see whats next and supporting you!

Teresa M. Grosse


I did Alessia's 14 day program Thrive with Plants and I lost a total of 10 pounds and at anywhere from a ½ inch to an inch on every area measured.  Most importantly, I learned what foods I need to put together in order to lose weight and not eat too many carbs. Thanks!

Vanessa Esparza


Alessia is amazing!! I did her cleanse and the vegetarian recipes were delicious and filling. I enjoyed my phone consultation with Alessia. She answered all my questions thoroughly and gave me incredible advice. I highly recommend her services. She is authentic, smart, funny and is a beautiful soul inside and out. I enjoy watching her videos since she has a lot of great information to share. I've learned a lot from Alessia these past few weeks. My meals are plant based which has incredibly changed my workouts. I am able to lift more and my recovery is quicker. Allow Alessia to change your life like she did mine. You will be amazed! Plant Powered in Texas

OVER $100 in VALUE - You get it ALL for FREE!

Get ready to Flirt with Vegan. Get started today!