That Gut Feeling Free Ebook

That Gut Feeling: Banish The Bloat Naturally With A Plant Powered Plan & Love Your Belly Again


Are you bloated now that you're eating all these plants?

Feeling  about 4 months pregnant after every meal and so uncomfortable you don't want to be around anyone?

Are you struggling to get rid of that weight and nothing seems to work?

The connection between weight loss and weight management and the health of our digestive system is HUGE! I see it countless times with my clients - the weight seems to naturally fall of and stabilize when their digestion improves. It all has to do with absorption of nutrients! If you aren't absorbing nutrients because your GUT is in bad shape, your body is starving and holding on to FAT!

The truth is, it can be confusing when you start eating a lot of plants because you think "I am supposed to feel great", and yet you are always bloated, gassy and uncomfortable.

It can feel so overwhelming that you actually question whether this lifestyle is worth it. I get it! I too was there! Everyone kept telling me that I needed to eat less carbs, less beans and lentils and more protein from animals to get rid of it. Doing that made things MUCH WORSE!

I am here to tell you that you don't have to go back to your old diet. No matter who you are, if you still suffer with bloating, gas and digestion issues then my guide is for you!

Imagine in just a few days time:

  • losing the bloat
  • digesting foods properly, without that dreaded hard belly
  • having increased energy and less gas

In my E book "That Gut Feeling" you will discover 

  • the foods that support your gut
  • The do's and don'ts of food combining
  • cultured gut healing foods to feed that friendly bacteria
  • Daily detox tips to start immediately
  • A one day plant base gut rebuilding meal plan to heal your gut

Love your belly again! That is my gift to you! I wish someone has told me these things when I first started.