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Meet Alessia Donato

Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Transformation Coach based in Dubai.

Hailing from Italy, my flair for creativity and helping people began early on. I’ve been in the beauty industry for a decade and counting. Sharing my beauty know-how enables me to help others feel great about themselves.

While beauty is something I have been dedicated to for most of my career,I have transitioned to the wellness industry.

Sometime in 2012, while working as a corporate Beauty trainer, I started feeling lost and my health was deteriorating by the day. I was a young party girl, and my motto was work hard, play harder.

I realized that I was struggling for years with body image distortion, lack of energy to do the things I loved and yo-yo dieting. I gained weight too.

I spent countless sleepless nights because my digestion was awful and none of the doctors I saw could tell me why, and how to fix it. All I got was more over the counter drugs and an empty bank account.

I fell into a depression which became overwhelming and that was what led me to becoming a Nutrition Consultant and eventually a Wellness Coach as well.

I had enough. So I took matters into my own hands, and did countless research, trying paleo, raw, intermittent fasting and other strange diet protocols before finding a whole foods, plant based diet.

I was like you. Tired of just “another fad diet”, so I said to myself that this was it. I would stick to this one because we all know fruits and vegetables are good for us, right?

They were right! I started “flirting” with the idea of Veganism around late 2015. I went on to finish my nutrition studies and then I healed. My weight stabilized,

I got fitter, stronger and more compassionate. My digestion also healed and I rarely get bloated and constipated these days!

"I stopped incessantly counting calories. I quit eating processed foods and drinking so much alcohol. I even went to India to study yoga and Ayurveda. I became a new person, and I have the whole food, plant based diet to thank."

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Freedom with Food




No matter how much you’ve struggled in the past and how you're struggling now, I know you can have the fit and energetic body you desire but most importantly, you CAN achieve true health! I know because I am proof that you can completely change your life, just by what you choose to eat.

Fast forward to now,  I have managed to find balance in my life and achieve what I call "Food Freedom". 

Its my mission and passion in life to help you and as many people like you, that are ready to take back control of their health and weight using the Power of Plants.

I take the boring out of healthy, by showing you that eating a healthy and sustainable plant based diet, rich and abundant in delicious foods, you can finally achieve long lasting weight loss, tons of energy and eliminate common digestive issues that plague your life.

I will coach you through a process that has worked for me and my clients. Even though we begin with cleaning up your diet, I want you to know that it’s not just about the food. My approach is completely Holistic in nature, and takes into account your whole lifestyle, from stress to sleep, to food and mindset, we dive deep!

If you're ready to make a change, schedule a FREE 30 minute no obligation wellness breakthrough session with me now. 

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Coach Credentials

Alessia Donato is the founder and CEO of Via Sana Wellness; the healthy path to a diet free life with the power of plants.


Alessia is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Transformation Coach; supporting women that struggle with weight and diet issues throughout their lives. Her programs help stop spinning the revolving doors of dieting, helping to finally transform and heal your body and achieve food freedom.


Her unique, simple and natural approach to health and well-being  focuses on ditching the diet mindset, while breaking through overwhelming conditions and getting to the root cause of what brings stress and imbalance to your life by simply discovering what truly nourishes you from within.


Alessia's signature programs and workshops help transform your relationship with food and body; paving a new path for developing a richer, more balanced life where food does not govern your state of mind, body and soul.


Having gone through her own journey, from sick to thriving with the power of plants, drawing on experiences from high stress and diet obsessed days of working in the fashion and beauty industry, Alessia now works with women from all over the world in order to help initiate and develop a loving relationship with your body and life.

You can get started on your journey to achieving freedom with food by scheduling your complementary wellness breakthrough session with Alessia today by clicking here.

Alessia holds the following qualifications and credentials:

  1. Diploma in Nutrition - The Plaskett International College, UK

  2. Diploma in Nutritional Consultancy - The Plaskett International College, UK

  3. Certified Wellness Coach  - International Association of Wellness Professionals, U.S.A

  4. Member of the Vegan Outreach Mentorship program