Living a truly holistic lifestyle can be achieved only when all aspects of the body are balanced. I truly believe that through optimum nutrition, the body is nourished and revitalized with every single bite.

My Philosophy

Via Sana means The Healthy Path in Italian.


Eating healthy isn’t just about weight-loss or getting a six pack. It’s about fueling your body with foods that support health rather than contribute to disease. However, its not just about the food.

Via Sana Wellness nutrition and wellness coaching is tailored to each individual’s needs. It’s not just about eating healthy food when other aspects of your well being are out of balance. Learning to listen to your body is the key to awareness and unlocking its full potential.

I do not believe in dietary dogma or a one size fits all approach.


We all have our own unique body chemistry. I believe strongly that no two clients are the same. Our bodies respond differently to diet and lifestyle changes, therefore it’s important to honor that.

With every client I see, I always begin by addressing my six pillars of health and vitality, which are..


Eat real food, mostly plants.

I truly believe in the power of plants. Our health is suffering because we don't eat enough plant foods. We have been conditioned to believe that in order to be healthy, we need animal foods, specifically protein. This has proven to be not only disastrous for our health, but also completely unsustainable for the planet. I follow the works of plant based nutrition doctors such as Dr T. Colin Campbell, Dr Micheal Greger, Dr Neal D. Bernard, Dr Esselstyne and Dr John Mcdougall. I strongly recommend reading through the countless studies they have conducted, that show the healing benefits of a whole foods, plant based diet.


Micro nutrients are KING

How many times have you heard the phrase, “eat your protein”, or “Don't eat carbs, they make you fat!”. I bet countless times you can't even remember. The 3 Macro nutrients, Carbohydrates, fat and protein are important, yes, But they are not as critical to our health as the micro nutrients. Those are your vitamins and minerals. The teeny tiny phytonutrients that you get from fruits and vegetables. So many of us are walking around with nutrient deficiencies and we don't even know it. A lot of the health problems we face today, can be easily corrected by eliminating nutrient deficiencies. Once we correct those, we can see incredible improvements in health markers.


Heal your gut, heal your life

All dis-ease begins in the gut.  - Hippocrates

A healthy digestive system is the first step in moving towards a healthy and balanced body. A well-functioning gut with healthy gut flora holds the roots to our health. As the gateway to our bodies and the very beginning of where health can go right (or wrong), starting with a healthy gut is essential to wellness, and getting the healing process started for many other major illnesses is one of the key elements of what I do as a nutrition consultant and wellness coach.



We are not meant to be sedentary beings, but we are because the lifestyles we lead today are not the same as they once were. We tend to spend a lot of time sitting at a desk for hours on end. We don’t exercise enough, and play out doors. We drive cars, take elevators and that contributes to less and less movement. Therefore, we suffer from muscular disorders, joint discomfort, aches and pains and lethargy. Exercise improves cardiovascular health, mood and aids in detoxification. Find some type of movement that you enjoy and love doing. Whether its swimming, hiking, or going to the gym to lift weights. Find what you love, and do it everyday.


Self Care

To find harmony and balance in life, like I said earlier, it really isn't just about the food. I realized this when I saw that my clients weren't getting results just by changing their diets. Sometimes we are hungry for change in our life and not necessarily hungry for food.Stress is a huge killer these days and mindset is everything. Attitude is everything. A negative mind cannot give you a positive life. Addressing stress is the beginning of developing a better relationship with yourself and others around you. Spending quality time with your loved ones, cuddling your dog, taking a holiday or even just winding down with a good book. Take care of your mind, and the rest will follow.


Love yourself, and your life!

Only when you can accept where you are in your life, you can have the courage to change. Loving your body at whatever size, shape and aspect is so incredibly vital to being able to work towards changing it. You cannot hate your body and expect to feel good while you're at it. Feeding it nutritious foods and exercising are acts of love, not hate. Loving the life you have and being grateful is the first step to creating a life you love. Don't settle for anything less. Don't live someone else’s life. Create your own reality. This is what it means to truly be happy and healthy. Don't just follow your dreams. Go out there and create them!

My signature program is built entirely around my 6 Pillars of Health and Vitality